Topics of interest

This workshop aims to attract researchers who use methods or technologies from the Semantic Web, NLP, and Language Technology areas, promoting the exchange of ideas and collaborations between those communities. The workshop addresses current topics and issues in NSLP and Research Knowledge Graphs (RKGs).

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Research/Scientific Knowledge Graphs (RKGs/SKGs) and other forms of Structured Scientific Knowledge Representation
  • Information Extraction for RKGs/SKGs
  • Question Answering over RKGs/SKGs
  • Scientific LLMs: LLMs for Natural Scientific Language Processing
  • Natural Scientific Language Processing (monolingual, cross-lingual, multilingual)
  • Language Resources and Language Technologies for Natural Scientific Language Processing
  • Information Extraction from Scholarly Publications
  • Classification of Scholarly Publications (document collections, individual documents, parts of documents)
  • Summarisation of Scholarly Articles
  • Scholarly Information Retrieval and Scientific Search Engines
  • Digital Libraries of Scholarly Information
  • Metadata and Cataloging
  • Bibliometrics and Scientometrics
  • Domain-specific Adaptation of Natural Language Processing (NLP) methods for NSLP purposes
  • Micropublications and Nanopublications