09:00 Welcome and Introduction
09:05 Invited Keynote Presentation - Francesco Osborne
Integrating Large Language Models with Scientific Knowledge Graphs: Trends and Future Directions (Abstract)
09:45 Paper Presentations - Scholarly Information Processing

Scholarly Question Answering using Large Language Models in the NFDI4DataScience Gateway (PDF)
Hamed Babaei Giglou, Tilahun Abedissa Taffa, Rana Abdullah, Aida Usmanova, Ricardo Usbeck, Jennifer D'Souza and Sören Auer

Towards a Novel Classification of Table Types in Scholarly Publications (PDF)
Jilin He, Ekaterina Borisova and Georg Rehm
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Paper Presentations - Scholarly Information Processing

OCR cleaning of scientific texts with LLM's (PDF)
Gábor Madarász, Noémi Ligeti-Nagy, András Holl and Tamás Váradi

Cite-worthiness Detection on Social Media: a Preliminary Study (PDF)
Salim Hafid, Wassim Ammar, Sandra Bringay and Konstantin Todorov

Paper Presentations - Identifying and Leveraging Research Software

A Technical/Scientific Document Management Platform (PDF)
Melissa Lemos, Grettel Monteagudo Garcia, Yenier Torres Isquierdo, Bruno Novelli, Cleber Damasceno, Bernardo Florindo Mortari Rezende, Jefferson Alves de Sousa and Marco Antonio Casanova

Automated Extraction of Research Software Installation Instructions from README files: An Initial Analysis (PDF)
Carlos Utrilla Guerrero, Oscar Corcho and Daniel Garijo

RepoFromPaper: An Approach to Extract Software Code Implementations from Scientific Publications (PDF)
Aleksandar Stankovski and Daniel Garijo
12:30 Lunch Break
14:00 Paper Presentations - Identifying and Leveraging Research Software

Scientific Software Citation Intent using Large Language Models (PDF)
Ana-Maria Istrate, Joshua Fisher, Xinyu Yang, Kara Moraw, Kai Li and Donghui Li

RTaC: A Generalised Framework for Tooling (PDF)
Nisarg Bhavsar, Abhinav Thakur, Ashish Patwa and Amrit Lal Singh
14:30 Shared Tasks Overview Presentations

FoRC@NSLP: Overview and Insights from the Field of Research Classification Shared Task (PDF)
Raia Abu Ahmad, Ekaterina Borisova and Georg Rehm

SOMD@NSLP: Overview and Insights from the Software Mention Detection Shared Task (PDF)
Frank Krüger, Saurav Karmakar and Stefan Dietze
15:10 Shared Tasks Posters Session

Field of Research Classification Posters:

NRK at FoRC 2024 Subtask I: Exploiting BERT-based Models for Multi-Class Classification of Scholarly Papers (PDF)
Tuan Kiet Nguyen and Van Thin Dang

Advancing Automatic Subject Indexing: Combining Weak Supervision with Extreme Multi-label Classification (PDF)
Lakshmi Rajendram Bashyam and Ralf Krestel

Single-Label Multi-Modal Field of Research Classification (PDF)
Florian Ruosch, Rosni Vasu, Ruijie Wang, Luca Rossetto and Abraham Bernstein

Enriched BERT Embeddings for Scholarly Publication Classification (PDF)
Benjamin Wolff, Eva Seidlmayer and Konrad Förstner

Software Mention Detection Posters:

Software Mention Recognition with a Three-Stage Framework Based on BERTology Models at SOMD 2024 (PDF)
Thi Thuy Nguyen, Viet Anh Nguyen and Van Thin Dang

ABCD Team at SOMD 2024: Software Mention Detection in Scholarly Publications with Large Language Models (PDF)
Nguyen Xuan Phi, Tran Minh Quang and Thin Dang Van

Falcon 7b for Software Mention Detection in Scholarly Documents (PDF)
Ameerali Khan, Qusai Ramadan, Cong Yang and Zeyd Boukhers

Enhancing Software-Related Information Extraction via Single-Choice Question Answering with Large Language Models (PDF)
Wolfgang Otto, Sharmila Upadhyaya and Stefan Dietze
15:30 Coffee Break and Continuation of Poster Session
16:00 Paper Presentations - Research Knowledge Graphs

The Effect of Knowledge Graph Schema on Classifying Future Research Suggestions (PDF)
Dimitrios Alivanistos, Seth van der Bijl, Michael Cochez and Frank van Harmelen

Assessing the Overlap of Science Knowledge Graphs: A Quantitative Analysis (PDF)
Jenifer Tabita Ciuciu-Kiss and Daniel Garijo
16:30 Invited Keynote Presentation - Natalia Manola
Leveraging NLP/ML to Transform Scholarly Communication: A New Horizon (Abstract)
17:10 Wrap-up and End of Workshop

The NSLP 2024 workshop will be a face-to-face event. Remote participation will not be possible.